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      For coating water based adhesive on all kinds of materials, Such as BOPP film, to make jumbo roll.

      1. Synchronous control system: frequency converting control. The traction , coating and cooling , winding multipoint transmission synchronization control , make the coating process more smoothly.
      2. Tension control system: Automatic tension control for the whole machine, it can ensure the production process base material tension constant.
      3. Man-machine system :Man-machine interface with PLC program control are match perfect. It will be accurate and sensitive , easy to operate and anti-jamming.
      4. Constant temperature control system: The constant of temperature drying part :its depending on the type of coating and base material , glue.
      Hot air circulation or infrared radiation heating a variety of ways;Every temperature zone temperature automatic control , control valve inlet and exhaust.
      5. Automatic detection system: Automatic fault detection , automatic fault alarm , automatic length counting , speed , pneumatic components such as automatic clutch automatic control , reduce the operator Labour intensity .
      6.Loading and unloading are double location switched or simplex electric lift ; with air swelling shaft loading and unloading of raw materials or finished products , it is convenient and quick operation , also can improve the work efficiency .

      Valid Width: 500mm,1000mm,1300mm, 1600mm
      Coating Method: scraper/mayer bar
      Max. Diameter Of Unwinding: 500-1200mm
      Max. Diameter Of Rewinding: 800mm
      Speed: 0-360m/min
      Coating Deviation: ±0.0015mm
      Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3Φ
      Drying Method: Steam, oil, electric, stove
      Oven Length: 12-48m(special design According to the requirements)

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